Tales of Naviena

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Book 1 | Whispers of the Sea

By Kahana Manley

Tales of Naviena is a collection of stories about a young woman from a historically unfair timeline. Naviena stumbles upon a book of time, this book allows her to for see the flow of time and a vow must be kept to prevent the destruction of a future she will not live long enough to witness. The Tales of Naviena are published in real time format, chapters are added every weekly or bi weekly period depending on the magnitude of the chapter. If you are starting to read a Book keep in mind if it is an actively new book then the post would be re-edited to add the new chapters as time progresses.

Publication of this current book is live work, all written work is sketched in rough draft format. Any grammar errors is artistic and authentic that this is not a finalized copy but is however copyright under Stardust Girly Punk and the writing author. Please support the progression of this book with a small donation.


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Introduction & Summery

Chapter 1, The breeze and the brick

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