Tales of Naviena | Book 1, Whispers of the Sea. by Kahana Manley

Chapter 1, The breeze and the brick, Page 2

Lushes and overwhelming the echoes of heartbeats from bark to wildlife movement, birds sing and crows warn. She stands now with giants. So tall and intimidatingly beautiful, full of branches and life for each individual leaf seems to home the wilds. This is an army of an ancient world whom now surround Naviena as she forges the undergrowth for any necessity she may be able to find.

Naviena herself is uncertain of the last bread she's bit or the last drink shes drank, today safety is no longer the most important concern. Starvation and thirst have started to make a known presence. As essential as this may be if she is to camp and shelter down here for a small while then she needs to build a campsite. Just one for a few days then she will explore the abandoned childhood town she once felt so safe and loved. The smoke from her fire would surely be drawing and tracing her location so Naviena had to explore further and deeper into the ancient wood to find the perfect place where a fire would not bring unwanted attention from lurking eyes of her perhaps non-existing enemies. An unknown enemy is a greater threat then one that is known, she shuffles up her bow and axe and cradles her dagger nestfully in the sleeve of her boot, she is ready for her forced journey into the darker wood of the past and mystery.

Rubbishing through the small bushes along what seems an almost guided pathway she finally receives an award. A blessing of the wilds that she is welcomed here. Starvingly she gobbles up the wild tree mushrooms and small berries given to her by the motherly chests of leaf, branch, and root. She also discovers a goblet of leaf full of fresh water awaiting for her. "Thank you" she whispered, knowingly that this is not a coincidental gesture but rather a true saved moment of fate that someone is watching and guiding her. Maybe her lost mother or brother, if they have fallen that would be the first who'd help her from another world or perhaps it could be the wood itself? No matter whom it is who is helping her she is grateful of this moment, settled now is the screams of her needing belly and crumbling thirst. She isn't well fed but she is at least well quenched. walking along now about half a days walk Naviena finds herself a small natural inn, empty this almost perfect natural room is, almost because it is too perfect. Before Naviena could attempt to backtrack out of fear of a wild encounter she overhears the breathing and growling of a beast settled closely behind her.

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Publication of this current chapter and this book is currently live work, all written work is sketched in rough draft format. Any grammar errors is artistic and authentic that this is not a finalized copy but is however copyright under Stardust Girly Punk and the writing author. Please support the progression of this book with a small donation.


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