Tales of Naviena.Book 1 Whispers of the sea. by Kahana Manley

Book 1 | Introduction

Book 1 Whispers of the sea

Whispers of the Sea is the marker of a new voyage. The journey of a young woman in a desperate rush for what she feels is moral duty. A curse or is this a blessing, a book of time holds the power to its reader the ability to see the flow of time as events come to past, the book also grants the wielding reader the ability to gather knowledge that would otherwise take a lifetime to master. Naviena needs answers and she needs them quickly before this nightmare becomes truth. Naviena witnesses the power of a book of time and the consequences of ignoring its warning. If the future tale holds true then Naviena must sale to the new world to establish a foothold for the times to come. The only issue she has on her embarking quest is she is young, beautiful, has no wealth or honor to her name, and happens to be a woman in a mans world. If she does not full fill her duty as a timekeeper then the fate of our future will fall.

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Publication of this current chapter and this book is currently live work, all written work is sketched in rough draft format. Any grammar errors is artistic and authentic that this is not a finalized copy but is however copyright under Stardust Girly Punk and the writing author. Please support the progression of this book with a small donation.


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