Pink Courage Leggings


These leggings are such a pretty design for such a fierce campaign! These pinks and swirls are perfect for supporting the fight against breast cancer. Leggings with beautiful quotes and pictures are great for bringing awareness to breast cancer!

These are the softest leggings you will ever wear! You'll feel like you are wearing clouds! This softness is perfect and sensory-friendly for children! These amazing leggings have a yoga band waist and no tags at all!

Your purchase of these leggings benefits specific organizations with 20% or more of the proceeds!

  • Some washing tips!
  • Wash in cold water!
  • Don't use any bleach!
  • Dry your leggings on tumble dry on low heat or you can dry flat or hang dry it. If you must iron it, iron on low heat. Heat tears the spandex and it wears down the fabric which decreases how long the softness and the leggings last.



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